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Fitness Testing

Are you training with all the facts?
Are you training efficiently?
Limited time for training?
Are you training very hard yet no improvement shown?
Is every training session a torture session for you?
Do you want to know your fitness level through scientific testing?
Do you enjoy your training session?

Fitness Testing enables you to know your fitness level, train at the right intensity and improve your fitness!

We conduct the following test:


What is anaerobic threshold?
The Anaerobic Threshold (AT) is the point of exercise at which the demand for energy [Adenosine Triphosphate, (ATP)] is greater than that which can be supplied aerobically. Once the demand for ATP is greater than it can be supplied, Lactic acid is formed in the muscle and then in the blood. The Anaerobic Threshold indicates the maximum exercise intensity that a person can sustain for a prolonged duration.

How can we know our anaerobic threshold?
To know your anaerobic threshold, we measure the amount of lactate in your blood during exercise using Lactate Pro Blood Lactate Analyzer. Lactate is a metabolic product that can be measured by taking a drop of blood at a finger tip the same way diabetics monitor their blood sugar level. Only 5 microlitre of blood is needed per trial.

Test Protocol will be based on the type of sports participated. Email us to know more on the test protocol.

At PhysiqueZone we believe that blood lactate testing benefits everyone, not just high performance athletes. Lactate testing is not ‘athlete’ testing, it is human testing.

Lactate measurement is far more precise than the outdated and inaccurate method of using percentages of maximum heart rate to set training zones.

Lactate testing will provide clear evidence of what heart rate corresponds with your individual training zones. More importantly, lactate testing can track adaptations indicating the critical moment for updating your training program.


Bleep test is a multi stage fitness test used to estimate an athlete's VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake).

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